Dream of: 01 April 1994 "Rollerblading Faster Than Ever"

While Carolina and I were on roller blades on a sidewalk, we skated right into the courtyard of a large rooming house. The house was several stories tall, and women were standing on the balconies of all floors. I realized all the women were college students. As Carolina skated off to the side, I noticed one attractive blonde-haired woman (probably 20 years old) looking right at me. Obviously she had developed an instant crush on me. When Carolina walked back up and the two of us prepared to leave, the woman whispered to me, asking if I would like to go on a date somewhere with her sometime. I said, "No."

I felt bad; I was afraid the woman would feel crushed, and as Carolina and I started skating off together, I suddenly stopped, turned and went back to the woman. I said, "The reason is, that she's my wife. I'm married to her."

I wanted the woman to know I couldn't go with her because I was married to Carolina, and not because anything was wrong with her. My explanation seemed to make her feel somewhat better, although she still seemed somewhat upset by what had transpired.

Carolina and I skated out onto the street. I had to stop to fix my roller blades. I sat down on the ground, noting that I was also wearing a helmet. I lay back on my back as I attempted to fix the blades. At the same time, more women about the same age as the other one came up and gathered around me. As one began looking at me, I realized women were frequently attracted to me like this. However it was unusual for them to approach me so flagrantly. Finally I stood, turned my back on the women and began skating on the sidewalk toward the street.

I began going as fast as I could, faster than I had ever skated on roller blades. I wasn't skating the way I usually did, but more like running. Each time my foot would hit the ground I would travel for a ways on the skates, then raise them again as if I was running. Once I had to veer off the sidewalk onto the grass to avoid hitting a group of people. When I was back on the sidewalk, I began going down an incline. The sidewalk veered to the left and I sped around it as fast as I could.

I looked down the street. I could see for about three blocks but couldn't see Carolina anywhere. I was unfamiliar with this area; it might be dangerous. I needed to find Carolina as quickly as I could.

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