Dream of: 16 March 1994 "Superman In Prison"

super powers can be exercised in reality as well as fantasy

I found myself again in prison in Iran (where I spent eight months for the crime of attempting to leave Iran without paying import taxes on a Mercedes Benz which I had driven there in July 1978). I was in the same prison, although it seemed different. I occupied a bed in a long room containing about 20 other beds. I discovered that Pat Tiahrt (an American in his early 20s who had been imprisoned with me in Iran for the same crime) was still there and that he had been in prison all this time. I also found a small book shelf with two shelves of books, each shelf containing about 20 books. I looked over the books, thinking that I would be there a long time and that I would probably be reading all of them. Tiahrt said he had already read them all.

I saw a thick paperback by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and I thought it probably dealt with the time when Solzhenitsyn had been in prison. When I asked Tiahrt if there were any books by Dostoievsky, he pointed out one thin hardback by Dostoievsky. He said that he had read it, but that he hadn't liked it. Apparently he hadn't thought it made much sense. I picked up the book and looked at it. I had never heard of that particular book and I thought it must be one of his less important ones, but I was sure I would be reading it.

I picked up another book written by a German philosopher which I thought would be interesting and would take quite a while to read. Another book which I thought I would enjoy was about the life of
Goethe. Still another book dealt with Canadian history. I thought I would have time to learn as much as I could in prison.

I also saw a few comic books, a Superman among them. I figured I would quickly read all the comics. I mused how I would become interested in the characters and want to read more comics, but I wouldn't be able to obtain any more.

I was surprised to see four or five young fellows (probably in their late teens) sitting on the floor. I quickly realized they spoke English and I asked them what they were doing there. Apparently they weren't prisoners, but were just visiting although I wasn't sure why.

I was feeling rather depressed since I didn't know how long I would be there. I wasn't even sure how I came to be again in prison.

When I lay down on my bed, I looked at the neighboring bed and was surprised to see Tiahrt lying there with several attractive women standing around him. The women were probably in their late teens and had long black hair. What really surprised me was that a couple of the women weren't wearing any pants and I could see their black pubic hairs. It appeared the women had been brought in for the sole purpose of having sex with the prisoners. I was aroused, but I was unsure I would have sex with any of them. I was afraid I might contract a disease. Still, they were very attractive.

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