Dream of: 15 March 1994 "Mid-Air Painting"

I was in a hilly, rocky area which was so brown and dry, it almost seemed like a desert -- yet I found it enchanting. About a dozen other warriors, all dressed in futuristic combat gear, were with me. We all had devices which enabled us to fly, and some were practicing flying. As I watched one person practice making loops in the air, I thought how one of man's greatest desires had been to fly, and how man had never perfected the devices which allowed individual flight. The person I was watching had two small black cylinders attached to each side of his lower back. Air shot out of the cylinders, supplying the power for flying.

Another man, testing his equipment, flew up into the air and headed straight back to the ground. He stretched out his hands in front of him and when he reached the ground, came to an abrupt stop, without crashing. When he stood up, I saw that he had long rods attached to both his forearms. As he had approached the earth, the rods had extended out in front of him, absorbing the impact through springs. I was quite impressed.

The warriors began preparing to leave. We knew we would probably be attacked soon by another group of warriors who were more powerful than we, and we needed to be prepared. We decided we would have to trek across the arid region to a place of safety. We would be vulnerable during the journey, and plotted our strategy.

We would depend on one member of the group who had an amazing talent: he was an artist who could paint in mid air and whatever he painted became real. We decided that if we were attacked, we would all form a circle around the artist to fight off the attackers. The artist would then paint an adobe building in the air. As soon as he finished, we would seek refuge in the building.

Some new weapons had just been issued to my group, but I hadn't received one. The new weapons were supposed to be much more powerful than anything we had had before, and I was disappointed that I had been left out. As I pondered the matter, a young fellow, a member of our group, walked up and handed me one of the weapons. It was smaller than the rest. It was black and looked like a futuristic ray
gun. The fellow said it was a girl's model. But I knew it was still more powerful than anything I had had before, and I said, "Thank you. I'll never forget this."

I knew I rarely used the word "never," but I thought in this instance I meant it. I would always be beholden to this person.

Several of us sat down on a bench, waiting to depart. I noticed half a piece of gum still in the wrapper lying on the floor in front of me. I thought about picking it up to eat, but then I thought it might be poisoned and decided not to.

Suddenly an attack began. Rays of light, shot from ray guns, exploded against the wall. Everyone began scurrying around to take up positions to resist the attack.

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