Dream of: 14 March 1994 "Protesting Discrimination"

My father and I were staying in a luxurious hotel in a city where we had come to participate in meetings against racial discrimination. It was the last day of the meetings, and the participants were supposed to take part in a march through the city streets. I was planning to go on the march, but my father was afraid there might be violence, and he decided not to go.


I was marching through the streets with about 100 other people. I was at the rear of the marchers, and I was afraid my back was exposed to anyone who might be shooting from behind. Suddenly I heard gunfire. I saw that two men wearing hoods had attacked the marchers at the front. The marchers began trying to run, and I looked for a place to hide. I saw a tree with low branches next to a building, and thought I might be able to hide there.

Before I could reach the tree, however, one of the hooded men intercepted me. I acted quickly and pulled him from his
horse. I overpowered him and held him down on his back. I jerked the hood from his head and was surprised to see that he was black. I angrily shouted at him. I thought he was a disgrace to be attacking us since we were protesting against discrimination of blacks. I thought he had been hired by whites, and was a sell-out.

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