Dream of: 13 March 1994 "Assumed Identity"

I was observing a scene in Portsmouth. A black man (probably in his late 20s) had just escaped from prison and he was talking with someone about what his next move was going to be. He went between two buildings and came back holding in both hands a large machine gun which he had stashed there.

He put the gun down and talked of what he might do. He knew he needed to get out of the state. He also needed another identification. If he could find someone who had died, he could assume that person's identity. I thought he might even kill someone and take the person's identification.

He was also concerned about what he would eat. He indicated that he might go to the Ohio River and fish. I thought that was not a good idea, since the authorities might look for him there. I thought many people had escaped from prison over the years, and almost all had been caught. The police would determine where the escapee would most likely be and stake out the place.


I was observing a scene in which a woman (probably in her late 20s) was planning to leave Portsmouth. Although I couldn't see her well, I knew she had blonde hair and was attractive. My father was her father, and he was trying to help her. Her main concern at the moment was buying a car in which she could leave. At first she didn't know much about cars, but gradually she began to learn. She had diagrams of the motors of many different kinds of car and she began learning about all the parts on cars. She even colored different parts different colors on her diagrams to help her. When she would go to look at a car, she would still feign ignorance, but actually she knew what she was looking at now.

Finally my father told her about a new type of car. On the outside it could look like any kind of car she wanted. But underneath, all the cars were the same low-powered type. She and my father went to the place where the cars were being sold. They picked out a fancy black car, got in and she started to drive off the lot to try it out. She had to squeeze through several other cars to get out.

Once on the street she quickly saw that the car had very little power. It looked great on the outside, but there was not much underneath. However the car would probably hold up well and best of all, it was inexpensive.

I next saw her and my father driving down the street in another vehicle. It was very strange, because it looked as if she were driving a big, red fire engine, and it appeared to be going backwards. I couldn't see well what was going on, and I thought she might be pulling the fire engine with another vehicle. I could hear my father talking to her. He seemed impressed by the power of the vehicle. She also seemed to like it and seemed about to decide to take it.

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