Dream of: 12 March 1994 (2) "Fabricated Evidence"

I was sitting in a seat in the back of what appeared to be a classroom, but in the front of the room, seated at a judge's bench, was a judge. It soon became clear that a trial was taking place, and I was defending a black man accused of murder. The other thirty or so people in the classroom were going to decide the guilt or innocence of the accused.

It was however clear to me that the entire trial was rigged, and that my client didn't have a chance. He was accused of murdering a law enforcement officer. I knew that the officer had actually been murdered by another law enforcement officer, but that fact had been covered up and I didn't have any evidence to prove it. Now evidence had been fabricated against my client, and I didn't know how to refute it.

As one of the witnesses testified against my client, I turned to a man seated on my right, whom I thought was my client, and said to him, "Wheezer, it doesn't look good."

The man was a short black man who looked like a character named Wheezer from the movie Posse. I thought he was my client, but almost immediately I realized he wasn't my client, and that my client was actually seated across the room. I told the man to disregard what I had said.

I then began listening to the man testifying. He began talking about the way some people dressed, especially young people. He made some derogatory statements about colorful baggy pants worn by young people. When I could stand it no longer, I stood and shouted, "Objection! Objection! Objection!"

I began a tirade about how there was nothing wrong with dressing differently. I said I would even like to dress that way sometimes. I looked at what I was wearing - drab black pants and a black tee shirt. I was about to say that I didn't wear the other type of clothes because people made me feel intimidated when I did.

Suddenly there was a loud bang, as if from a gunshot. The man who had been testifying held up his right hand, which looked as if it had been shot off. Everyone's attention was distracted to him, until we all realized it had just been a stunt to make it look as if someone had shot him. He wasn't injured at all.

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