Dream of: 12 March 1994 "Uniform Rulings"

I was in either a bus or train with several other people, including judge McGuire. McGuire began talking about the bases for some of his ruling in bankruptcy cases of motions to lift stay. As he talked, I began thinking about what my criteria would be if I were a judge making such ruling. I thought I would have a definite set of guidelines according to which I would make my rulings. Then the rulings would become uniform. McGuire and the other bankruptcy judges I knew, however, tended to rule on a case by case basis, so one never knew what the result was going to be.

As we traveled along, I noticed that Charlie Schramm (a former junior high schoolmate) was sitting next to me. I also noticed that he was wearing a hand gun in a holster. I asked how he had obtained a license to carry the gun, and he told me it had only been a matter of paperwork. He pulled the gun out and handed it to me. As I looked at it I thought I would also like to have a license to carry a gun. 

We finally stopped in front of some buildings and everyone got out. I noticed that an auction was being held in one small store right in front of me, and I walked inside. Only four or five people were at the auction, and I thought there might be some good buys here. I walked through the store looking at the goods to be auctioned. They were mostly art objects and small sculptures. Although I was somewhat interested, I walked back out of the store.

The rest of my party had gone into another building which appeared to be a travel agency. I also went in. The building had a very large lobby with people sitting around. I sat down with some of the people in my group and listened to what they were talking about. One of the group was a woman (probably in her late 50s) who was also a bankruptcy judge who knew me. She was tall and slender, and had graying hair.

As I listened to the conversation, I realized they were talking about how I had obtained bankruptcy clients when I had been practicing bankruptcy law. As the judge turned to me and asked me about it, I immediately became nervous, but retained my composure. She didn't know the name of the man who had sent me the clients, and I told her his name had been Richhart. She then began asking more probing questions about my relationship with him.

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