Dream of: 09 March 1994 "Deer In The Creek"

I was standing on the front porch of the Gallia County Farmhouse, looking out toward the creek and the road. I was amazed at what I saw. The road and bridge were gone. Now instead of a creek, was a river the size of the Ohio River. Looking more closely, I could see some figures out on the water. Three deer were walking through the water in my direction. The water must have only been a few centimeters deep.

But I was disturbed when I noticed a man carrying a
gun following the deer. I also had a shotgun. With it I walked down to the bank of the river. I clearly saw the deer, one of which was a buck with large antlers, come on to the shore. They were followed by the man with the gun. I hollered to him and told him he was trespassing. He turned toward me. We were only about three meters apart and both of us had our guns pointed toward each other. I had the shotgun, and he had a hand gun.

I began to realize the seriousness of the situation. If he shot me, I was sure I would still be able to shoot him. But what good would that do me? I might be killed. I was also sure that if I shot him first, he would still be able to shoot me. So I couldn't risk that.

I began slowly backing up, anxious to get away from the man as quickly as I could. I thought if I left, he would also leave.


I was standing again on the front porch. Now I didn't see a river but the creek only in a different channel. I walked down the front steps and found the creek right at the bottom of the steps, hidden in a dense foliage. A path went right into the creek, and I figured it had been made by the dogs.

I went back and stood on the front porch. Suddenly I saw a truck coming down the road, heading in the direction where the bridge used to be. A woman was driving and a man was on the passenger side. I hollered at them to stop, that the bridge was gone. But they didn't pay any attention. I was horrified as I watched the truck crash over the hill in front of me, stopping just short of the creek. I raced down the hill and reached the passenger side. It looked as if the woman was unhurt, but the man seemed to be seriously injured. The woman and I began trying to pull him out of the truck.

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