Dream of: 06 March 1994 "Portrait Of Van Gogh"

Carolina and I had been working quite a while on putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I had finished rather large portions of the puzzle, but they didn't seem to match the picture on the box. In fact, it seemed as if there were actually several small, separate puzzles instead of one large puzzle.

Finally I picked up another box, looked at the picture on it, and realized it was the box for the puzzle on which I had been working. But the box still had a puzzle in it. Apparently the puzzles had been switched and put in the wrong boxes.

I looked at the picture on the box. Now the puzzle we were working on made sense. There actually were several different puzzles in the box. The entire picture represented a room with many pictures hanging on the walls. Each picture had been made into a separate, small puzzle in the box.

The picture which interested me the most was a self portrait of the
painter Vincent Van Gogh. The picture showed his head and extended to just below the shoulders. He was wearing a green coat or shirt. He didn't have much hair, and had a somber look on his face.

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