Dream of: 05 March 1994 "Helicopter Ride"

I was the only passenger in a helicopter being operated by a fellow (probably in his late 20s) who I had recently. He had come to visit me and take me for a ride. This was the first time he had ever flown the helicopter, so he was still rather uncertain of what he was doing.

As we flew along, the helicopter began to seem more like an airplane. Off to our left I saw another airplane flying in the same direction as us. The other airplane traveled side by side with us until we both entered a cloud bank. The other plane veered to the left and we veered to the right. But now we couldn't see anything, and I was concerned that other airplane might be in the clouds.

We soon emerged from the clouds, and up ahead of us I saw a large bridge. We were flying rather low, and it was clear that we would have to fly under the bridge. However I saw that two cables were hanging straight down from the center of the bridge, and from the way we were headed, we would have to fly right between the cables. As we came closer, I saw that there might not be enough room for us to make it through. I began forming a picture in my mind of the distance between the cables, trying to calculate the space, and I concluded that the wheels of the plane were sticking out too far, and we wouldn't have enough room.

I braced myself as we headed under the bridge, and I felt the shock as the hub of one wheel struck one of the cables. After we passed under the bridge, I could see that the wheels were still on the plane, but the hub of one wheel was gone, and the wheel might fall off at any time.

It was imperative that we land. The pilot quickly headed toward earth, and I soon found we had landed in the parking lot of a carry-out store on the West End of Portsmouth, close to the Scioto River Bridge.

The fellow and I walked into the carry-out and sat down at one of several tables in the store. I noticed
Dale there and spoke to him, but he seemed distant and he didn't speak back.

I began talking to my companion about what he should now do with the helicopter. I told him I remembered that a plane had once landed in the parking lot of this very store. But it had to be quickly removed, just as he would now have to remove the helicopter. I didn't really want to get involved further. But I hadn't known the fellow long, and now he was in need of my help. I knew he lived about two and a half hours distant, somewhere west of Columbus.

Finally I remembered that I had my 1966 Ford pickup in town. I told him he could load the helicopter in the back of the truck. I would then let him borrow the truck to take the helicopter back home. The next day he could bring the truck back, and then take a bus back home. He seemed pleased with the idea, and I thought it would work.

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