Dream of: 04 March 1994 "Noah's Ark"

I was on a large, yellow school bus filled with about 30 young women, all probably in their early 20s. The only other man on the bus was a driver. The bus entered a jungle area and began following a small, overgrown, winding road down the side of a mountain. Suddenly the driver turned a corner too hard, and the bus turned over on its side. We began rolling down the mountain, first on one side, then on the other. I became frightened, and thought I might be able to open the window and slide out when the bus rolled over on my side. But I had trouble opening the window. As we rolled, I could hear the roars of animals. I knew there were Bengali tigers in this area. I thought it might not be a good idea after all to leave the bus.

The bus finally came to a stop, and no one seemed to be injured. I didn't see the driver anymore. As I looked over the women, I began to realize just how attractive they all seemed to be. In fact, the whole situation almost seemed like a story out of Playboy magazine. It almost seemed like a fantasy which I was creating. I began thinking if the heat increased, some of the women would take off their tops, exposing their breasts. I even imagined myself taking off my clothes, walking around masturbating in front of them.

Our main problem was lack of water. We had a small amount, but we needed to go for more. One woman got into the little water we had and drank some. When she was confronted, she just tried to justify her actions.

I had an image of a rescue operation which was going to try to find us. In my vision, another bus was being loaded up with men who were in the rescue party. The strange thing was that the men were in groups of two, each group wearing different outfits, and even looking different physically. As they marched to get onto the rescue bus, I thought they seemed similar to the animals getting on Noah's Ark.

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