Dream of: 02 March 1994 "Living In The Past"

I was in the House in Patriot, in the past, probably around the year 1840. I thought I would probably live for another 50 years and I knew that both the Mexican War and the Civil War would take place in the coming years. I was grateful that I would be too old to fight in the Civil War because the war was going to be so terrible.

Several other people were in the room, most of whom looked as if they were asleep. When a man showed up, someone mentioned that the man had some marijuana. As soon as he walked in, everyone seemed to wake up, and 20-30 people walked into the living room/kitchen area and sat down. I sat down on the floor, while the man sat down in a chair on my right. Another fellow, one of the main people in the group, sat on my left, so I was in the middle of the two main people, while all the others were scattered around the rest of the room.

The man who had arrived pulled a cloth out of his pocket, opened it and showed that he had about 15 joints wrapped inside. After he handed the cloth to me, I laid it on the floor, opened it up, and looked at the joints, all of which were badly rolled. I opened up one joint which contained very dry marijuana. I intended to fix the joint, but I tore it. Then I noticed that two rolling papers had been used to roll the joint. I took off one of the papers and just used one paper to re-roll the joint. The end result was not perfect, but was tolerable.

Someone threw some moist celery leaves on the pile of joints and said the celery leaves would help if I would add them when I rolled the joints. 

The fellow on my left had a little can which he had converted into a pipe with a little spout which contained some marijuana. Before I could light up the joint, the fellow on my left lit up his can-pipe and started to pass it to the fellow sitting right across from us. Before he could pass the pipe to the fellow, however, I reached out and took the pipe in my hand. I had been thinking that I might not smoke anything, because I hadn't smoked in a long time, and because I had been feeling bad about smoking pot. When I saw the pipe, however, I couldn't resist. I put the pipe to my mouth and began inhaling and inhaling. I wondered how long I could continue inhaling. Finally I stopped and handed the pipe to the fellow on my right.

I didn't feel any effects of the marijuana and I continued working on rolling the joint. I knew that the other people were waiting for the joint, that they had come into the room because they wanted to smoke.


We were all outside in the large yard beside the House. It was near midnight and this was a special night which had something to do with the independence of Texas. Someone was shooting off fireworks, and in the background I could hear Spanish singing. I felt somewhat bad, because I had left my grandmother Leacy sleeping inside the House. She was missing all the activity.

The two men who had been on each side of me in the House were also in the side yard. It was dark where we were, but I could still see everyone. They began moving around and talking loudly. They were actors and were trying to act out some kind of scene. Everybody was watching them. As I watched, I thought this must be what it had been like in ancient times, such as in ancient Greek, when the troops would go into the field, getting ready for battle. Actors would act out scenes around the campfire.

The two actors began moving from one side of the yard to the other, and the crowd began following them.

I hadn't smoked any more; I felt bad about the little that I had smoked and I wanted to get away from everyone. I just sat there as the others moved to the other side of the yard. Finally I stood up and the others began moving back toward me. I now saw some women in the group, one of whom was extremely attractive. She was probably in her late 20s and had black hair. I thought I would like to take her with me and leave. It somewhat seemed as if we were on the Gallia County Farm and I thought she and I might be able to walk off in the woods together. As the group came closer to me, I motioned to the woman to go around the side of the House. She complied; but the others also followed us, so we didn't get away from them.

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