Dream of: 01 March 1994 "Cruising On Automatic"

Carolina and I were in a car, riding toward the Gallia County Farm. I was listening to some beautiful music on the radio, immensely enjoying the lyrics. It was an extremely pleasant feeling, riding along and being with Carolina.

Although Carolina was always sitting in the middle, part of the time I was sitting on the passenger side, part of the time I was in the driver's seat. When I was on the passenger side, the car was cruising on automatic, running itself. However, as I was sitting on the passenger side, I began to become concerned, thinking that even if the car was on automatic, I should still be sitting in the driver's seat. Just as I jumped back to the driver's seat, a car pulled right out in front of us. I slammed on the brake's and avoided hitting the other car. That was the reason I needed to be in the driver's seat – to be able to put on the brakes like that! If I hadn't been in the driver's seat, we would have crashed right into the other car.

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