Dream of: 28 February 1994 "Broken Washing Machine"

I was sitting in a room with my father and my mother. As my father sat close to me, my mother talked about a washing machine on the Gallia County Farm, and which needed to be repaired. She complained that the repair was going to cost $500. A man had already come to look at the machine and had said he was going to charge $450 just for the call, and another $50 for the time which he was there to work on the machine.

I stood up and said that it would be better to buy a new washing machine, that I was sure washing machines could be bought for $500. Since my mother didn't seem to understand what I was saying, I told her that simply by using "logic," buying a new machine would clearly be better. I began to understand the basic problem, however: my father simply didn't want to put out any money for either buying or repairing. Although my father wasn't saying anything, I could tell my conclusion was correct, and I decided that simply dropping the whole subject would be best.

I also thought this matter had something to do with my grandmother Mabel and her dog, Mike (who now belonged to me). I wasn't quite sure why, but I thought I needed to visit my grandmother and spend some time with her. I thought I also needed to get Mike, who was outside, and give him a bath and wash him. I finally stood up and said I was going to go outside and wash Mike.

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