Dream of: 26 February 1994 "Dinosaur Reproduction"

I was looking at a reproduction of a dinosaur, supposedly be one of the best reproductions ever made. The dinosaur resembled a brachiosaurus, with a neck about three meters long. Its back stood about three meters tall.

I was standing in front of it, completely amazed by what I was seeing. It was also mobile and moved its head from side to side. I became interested in the detail of the creature. In particular I noticed strands of fibers about two meters long falling from the area just around the lips. It was a bit like a beard, only the hairs were thicker, somewhat like what one would find on a mop. I thought whoever had replicated the dinosaur had carefully studied the fossils and discovered the strands in the fossil record.

I couldn't see any teeth and began wondering if it had any. Finally the dinosaur lowered its mouth to where I could feel it. I put my hand inside to see if I could find the teeth; but there were none. Instead I felt soft bristles covering the top and bottom inside the mouth. I concluded that the animal must have simply crushed its food in its mouth and ground it up, without actually cutting it with teeth.

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