Dream of: 25 February 1994 (2) "Sharing A Motel Room"

Carolina and I were sharing a motel room with Wheat and Melanie. Wheat and Melanie weren't there at the moment; Carolina and I were waiting for them to return. In the meantime, before Wheat and Melanie returned, I wanted to make love with Carolina. It occurred to me, however, that if I waited until Wheat and Melanie returned, it might be possible for all four of us to have sex together. Would Carolina like to do something like that? I was uncertain, but I thought she probably would. It seemed most likely that having a foursome would be possible if Carolina and I were already engaged in sex when Wheat and Melanie returned.

I wanted Carolina to put on a sexy see-through nightie so her breasts could be seen when Wheat and Melanie came. When I suggested this to Carolina, however, she balked; I was having difficulty persuading her. She had such a nightie, but she wouldn't put it on. Finally, however, she walked into the bathroom to put the nightie on. I waited and waited, and she still didn't come out of the bathroom. It began to look as if she weren't going to return.


I was lying on the bed in the motel room; my mother and my father were sitting in chairs at the foot of the bed. We were waiting for Carolina to come out of the bathroom in her nightie. I thought when she came out I would have sex with her right in front of my mother and my father. Carolina continued to dally, and I continued to wait and wait.

Finally she did walk out; but she was wearing regular clothes – a shirt and pants. I became upset – because she obviously knew what I wanted – and I stood up. Finally she pulled down her pants, so her pubes were visible, and she climbed into the bed. However, I was still upset because this wasn't exactly what I wanted. It was beginning to look as if I weren't going to get my wish.

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