Dream of: 25 February 1994 "Walking Trip"

Some other people and I were planning to take a long walking trip along a highway. We began the trip and walked for quite a long time along the highway until we reached a small store and walked in. While I was there, I rented a locker, paying the exorbitant price of $70 for it. Another fellow also rented a locker; we both walked into the locker room to take a look at our lockers. There I saw two tiers of lockers, one above the other. Five of the lockers in a row seemed to be somehow connected together. Since they were open, I looked inside; I was surprised that somebody was lying stretched out inside the five lockers. I immediately realized the fellow lying inside was a homeless person, and that he rented the lockers so he could stay in them. He climbed out of the lockers and spoke with me. It seemed very strange to me that he would be living there like that.

I began looking for my locker and found it. My locker had a large complicated lock which included a heavy bolt that had to be screwed into place. When I tried to screw the bolt, I found that the threads on the end were run together so it wouldn't function correctly. I shouldn't have paid so much for the locker. When I had started out on the trip, I had thought I would be able to use lockers in other places along the way. But I had discovered that this was the only locker I would be able to use, and therefore I had rented it. This was problematical, because I didn't even know if I would be returning to this place.

We finally left the store and once again took up our walking journey. We hadn't gone far before we turned a curve in the road; before us rose a beautiful mountain scene through which we were going to be walking. The mountains were brown and rocky with no vegetation on them. They looked as if they had just been thrust up through the earth; I could see the layers of strata on them. I was astounded by their beauty.

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