Dream of: 22 February 1994 "Stolen Truck"

As I was riding a large new motorcycle, I had to pass underneath something; when I emerged, my round handlebars had been flattened. The motorcycle didn't belong to me; I had borrowed it and I had to return it to the dealership which sold motorcycles. But I was also thinking that the dealer didn't know I had the motorcycle; I might simply keep it.


I was now driving a truck instead of a motorcycle. I recalled that I had been at the dealership earlier in the day, that it had been a Saturday and the place had been closed. Nevertheless I had been able to drive away in a brand new truck.

I began worry that the truck might not have license plates, and I stopped to look at them. When I got out and looked at the license plates, I saw that the plates were there and that they had a 1995 sticker. I also saw some language about some apartments on top of the sticker. It appeared that the truck was supposed to be driven by someone who lived in those particular apartments.

In the back of the truck was a brand new red lawnmower, which I had also stolen.

I was in southern Ohio, and was thinking of driving to the Gallia County Farm. Maybe I could leave the truck there. But I was worried I would get caught with the truck. Perhaps I could strip the truck; but I didn't know anything about striping a truck. However, now that I had the truck I wanted to keep it; I didn't want to take it back. It was a real dilemma what I should do with the truck. I liked having it, but I was afraid I would get caught with it. At the same time, I simply didn't want to take it back.

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