Dream of: 20 February 1994 (2) "Unrecognizable"

While in a sundry store, I saw Jan Ferguson (a girl I had met around 1970), but I couldn't remember her first name. I only remembered her last name was Ferguson. I hadn't seen her in many years and I thought to myself that I must look very different now. I no longer had long hair as I had when I had known Jan. People who used to know me with long hair would probably not even recognize me if they were to see me now.

I thought Jan (about 20 years old) might know where I could get some marijuana and I thought of walking up to her and asking her. Quite beautiful, she was tall and slender and had blonde hair. I should at least ask her. She might even know where I could get some LSD.

As I began walking toward her, I began to have doubts about what I was doing. Especially the LSD, because I was worried it might damage my mind. I was definitely uncertain I should take any LSD. But I started walking toward Jan anyway.

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