Dream of: 20 February 1994 "Grand Old Opry"

As I was walking down the street, I encountered two unshaven rough-looking fellows who had obviously been drinking. I recognized the two as having once been somewhat famous as country and western singers, and I spoke with them. With me I was carrying an old book, filled with pictures and autographs of country western singers, a book which told of the history of country and western music. The words "Grand Old Opry" were in the title of the book. I thought of asking the two if they would also autograph my book. But as I talked with them, the thought occurred to me that I might just give them my book; the book might be an inspiration to them.

A matronly woman walked up and insinuated herself into our conversation. As we continued talking, I realized one man (about 50 years old) was an alcoholic. The woman and I turned to the man and had him place his hand on the book. We then told him that if he accepted the book, he must swear that he would never drink alcohol again, and that he would enroll in Alcoholics Anonymous. Seeing how important this was to the man, I was willing to give him the book if he would make the promises. We proceeded with the swearing in process.

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