Dream of: 18 February 1994 "Emotional"

I was lying in bed with a woman whom I hadn't known long, but with whom I was already in love. She was slender, attractive and probably in her 30s. I was concerned because she was leaving the next day. We were in a one-room apartment where I was living. I was going to move back to Ohio the next day. In her work she traveled from state to state. I asked her if she was going to be in Ohio any. She said she was going to be there soon. I was hoping she would come and see me. I told her I was going to be living on the Gallia County Farm. I explained to her that the Farm consisted of 400 acres of land in the middle of a national forest. I told her I wanted her to come and see me. As I held her in my arms, tears formed in my eyes; I was falling in love with her. I buried my head in her neck so she wouldn't see. I didn't want her to see how emotional I was becoming. I was surprised I cared so much for her; but clearly I was in love with her.

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