Dream of: 17 February 1994 (2) "Chinese Philosophy"

I was watching a football game. One team was trying to kick a field goal from about three quarters of the way back on the field. When the ball was kicked, it went far to the side, not even coming close to the goal posts.

One of the football players was kidnapped, and was being taken away from the game by people in a helicopter. The kidnapped person wouldn't be returned until the opposing team won the game. The helicopter proceeded through traffic as if it were a car, until suddenly, the kidnapped person pulled open the door of the helicopter, jumped out and escaped.


The escaped person, my mother, and I entered a two-story, frame house where we intended to hide. Although the house was abandoned, it was still fully furnished. I had the impression that an old woman had lived there, and everything had been left behind when she had died.

My mother and I stayed downstairs while the other fellow walked upstairs. After a while I became concerned and hollered up to him. He answered, apparently from one of the upstairs rooms.

After walking around the house and looking it over, I found a bathroom and walked into it. Noting some magazines on a rack, I pulled some out and began looking at them. Seeing some Playboy magazines, I pulled them out, thinking I might close the door and masturbate. But I decided against it since no lock was on the door.

I noticed several hard-back Playboy books and pulled them out. All had dust covers, some slightly torn. I liked the books and I thought I might steal them. I knew my mother would object if she knew what I was doing. Since we might be spending the night there, when she wasn't looking, I could take the books out to the car.

I pulled out another book about Chinese philosophy. I opened the book to some pages which seemed to be made of dark purple velvet. Between the velvet pages was another page with designs on it. In the center of that page were written some sayings of Chinese philosophy.

I leafed through the book; the pattern was repeated throughout: two velvet pages with a page between them containing designs and sayings from Chinese philosophy.

Right in the front of the book were some pages which briefly described some Chinese philosophers, such as when they lived. I noticed the names of Confucius, Lao Tzu and many more philosophers from China's history. Some maps also showed the different provinces where the philosophers had lived. It looked interesting. I thought I would also like to take that book. It would be interesting to read a little of the book every day. I stacked it with the others.

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