Dream of: 17 February 1994 "Falling Rock"

I was walking around a large park in an oriental country. I was quite impressed by some of the magnificent natural wonders in the park. I was atop a large mountain; a lake spread below, far down in a valley below. A city had been built on the side of the lake; beside the lake stood a hotel only three or four stories tall; a long balcony extended from each floor out over the lake. I thought I could see an oriental man whom I recognized standing on one of the balconies, looking down into the blue water of the lake. As I wondered if he could dive from where he was into the lake, I thought I saw him throw something, such as a pebble, into the lake.

Not far from me were some interesting rock formations; the rocks had been split and the different strata could be clearly seen.

Near the entrance of the park was a large irregularly shaped rock about 10 meters across. The rock was sitting in a precarious way so only a small part was actually touching the ground. People had begun to worry that the rock might begin rolling down the mountain and crash into the lake. The concern had caused a controversy over whether the rock's hitting the lake would cause a tidal wave which would smash into the city and destroy it. The name of the city was Taiwan.

Some people were with me as I looked at the rock. I told them I didn't think the rock would cause a tidal wave; it would only cause a small wave incapable of doing much damage.

Three oriental girls (each about 15 years old) climbed onto the rock and began walking around on it. They were all pretty and all had black hair. They were all wearing pleated skirts which fell to their knees. I tired to place myself so if the rock began rolling, I would be able to get out of the way. Just as the girls climbed off the rock, it began to roll on a path down the mountain. I was completely amazed by the sight, as it rolled past me. The rock began to look more like a giant rock wheel; an oriental man (about 20 years old) was on top of the rock, riding like a horse. He wanted off, but the rock was already going so fast, he was afraid to jump. Finally he managed to slide uninjured off the back. I was happy to see him escape.

I continued watching the rock. It smashed into a highway which came up the mountain, hit a concrete abutment, then stopped. A vehicle drove by without being hit. Then the rock began rolling again, straight down the side of the mountain. It was headed right toward the lake. What would happen? Now we would see if there would be a tidal wave. I still didn't think so.

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