Dream of: 16 February 1994 "Failing"

I was in a classroom, waiting for the teacher to finish grading some test papers so I could leave. My father and my mother were also in the room, waiting for me. The teacher was a tall, thin woman (about 50 years old) who somewhat resembled Daffin (a female Houston attorney).

My ex-wife Louise was also in the room. The teacher was standing at a raised podium in the front of the room, reading the answers on Louise's test paper. Louise had a section of the room reserved for her and her employees. Louise and I were friends and I had helped her with her paper. I had even written the rather lengthy answer which the teacher was now reading. Since the teacher was reading the answer, I thought I probably had done well on the test.

Finally the teacher finished and all the students crowded to the front to hear the grades on the test. We had to wait several minutes, but finally the teacher began. She announced, "Peggy, A."

She then said "Steve Collier - E."

Several people gasped in surprise. I was shocked. That meant I had failed. And I was embarrassed that my father and my mother had heard.

There must be a mistake. I anxiously waited until the teacher finished, then approached her. I began explaining that there must have been a mistake, and pleaded with her to review my paper again. We both sat down and she reluctantly began looking over the paper. She made some marks on the paper; it looked as if she hadn't even looked at it before. I thought at least my grade might be raised from failing.

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