Dream of: 15 February 1994 "Dropping The Ball"

Carolina and I were standing in an open area. Several other people were also standing around so we formed a large circle about 20 meters in diameter. One of the people had a baseball and threw it to someone else on the other side of the circle. The ball was thrown back and forth to different people all around the circle. Finally someone threw the ball to me; I missed and had to pick it up. I threw it back to someone. Again it was thrown to me and again I missed. The same thing happened several times. Although everyone else seemed to be able to catch the ball, I always missed. Finally I realized I wasn't wearing my glasses – they were lying next to me – and I put them on. That might help me.

My step-grandfather Clarence was on the other side from me. He looked as if he were perhaps in his 50s. He seemed timid. Once when I had the ball I threw it to him on the ground so he would be able to easily catch it.

Someone threw the ball to Carolina. She easily caught it and threw it. She was actually better at the game than I.

A fellow directly across from me threw the ball at me very fast. I almost caught it, but I dropped it. I threw the ball back to him as fast as I could.

The next time I had the ball, other people crowded onto the field. I couldn't even see the person to whom I was throwing. I lobbed the ball over the other people's heads, hoping it would reach the person.

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