Dream of: 12 February 1994 (2) "Church-Sacristan"

preserve the sacred

A black-haired fellow (about 30 years old) and I were lying on towels on a beach by the ocean. I had been there so long, I felt in a bit of a daze, not knowing anymore exactly what I was doing. Three different times I found myself getting thirsty. Each time I rose, walked over to the water, bent down, and sipped a drink from the ocean. The water was pure and refreshing, but each time I reflected that I had always thought that drinking sea water was dangerous and that sea water would make me sick. Now, however, I thought if I only sipped the water in small amounts, it wouldn't harm me.

When I noticed that my friend had taken a beige plastic glass and dipped out a glassful of water for himself to drink, however, I cautioned him that drinking sea water was dangerous. As I expressed my concern for his welfare, I also began wondering if I had acted wisely in drinking the sea water.

The tide had slowly been coming in; suddenly a large wave smashed into the beach and the water rolled up over us and our towels. Obviously the tide was fully in and it was time to leave. We both scurried about gathering our towels and belongings. My friend even had a phone line down to the beach, and a phone connected to it. When I pointed out to him that he was about to leave the phone, he picked it up and disconnected it so he could take it with him.

As we were leaving, I noticed a spot farther down the beach where a small cliff abutted the water. Atop the cliff was a path which wound along above the beach. I thought to myself how most people didn't realize that when the tide was out, they could see just how far down was the bottom of the water. If they would take note of that, they could judge how deep they could dive off the cliff when the tide was in.

When the black-haired fellow and I left, we climbed onto a bicycle which I was steering, while my friend sat on the crossbar in front of me. As I began driving through the streets, I thought the way we were riding the bicycle was dangerous, and I recalled once when I had been young I had been riding on the crossbar of a bicycle which someone else had been driving. We had been going down a hill and crashed. I had flown off and had chipped one of my front teeth.

We were on modern streets. I picked up speed as we began going down a small hill. Suddenly in front of me I saw another person on a bicycle also headed downhill, and I wanted to pass that person. The distance between that person's bicycle and the curb was only the width of a bicycle wheel. Nevertheless, I daringly propelled my friend and me forward between the bicycle and the curb, somehow safely passing. Then a second bicycle was in front of me, and I did the same thing. Then a third bicycle was in front of me, and once again I passed between the narrow space between the bicycle and the curb.

When I finally began slowing down, I reflected that I had been a bit foolhardy to pass the other bicycles as I had. I didn't even know how I had done it.

By this time I realized I was somewhere in Mexico where I had been for several days without having seen anything except the beach. I knew we were in a large city with many interesting things to see, and I wanted to see some sights.

Suddenly up ahead on my right I saw a small, circular plaza where many roads intersected. In the center of the plaza was a structure, obviously an attraction of some sort. I was just about to pass the structure when I suddenly turned to see what it was.

My friend and I both climbed off the bike and walked up to the structure before us. It seemed quite beautiful, but I couldn't tell exactly what it was. It was cut from one large piece of stone. It was basically the shape of an equilateral triangle with each side being about 10 meters. One side was flat on the ground and the other two sides slanted upward to meet at the apex over my head. The sides weren't straight, but somewhat curved outward, giving the structure somewhat the shape of a dome. The whole structure was about a half meter thick.

Other people - apparently tourists - gathered around us and also looked at the structure. I learned that the structure was called the "Herculeum," and I soon saw why. Right in the middle of the structure was painted a large circle, and inside the circle was painted a picture of a muscular man, slightly bent over, holding a large globe, obviously the earth on his back. I immediately concluded that this was a picture of Hercules, which explained the name of the structure. I found the painting quite beautiful and I intently examined it.

Under the painting were many smaller figures carved in the gray stone. Some figures were missing, having been destroyed through time. I thought the figures all told some interesting story which I would like to try to decipher.

I walked around behind the structure, where I found a large room which also appeared to be part of the structure. Bright black-and-white figures were painted on the walls. But just as on the structure, some figures were damaged and missing. The painted figures appeared to have an Egyptian motif, although not to have actually come from Egypt.

Suddenly I realized what the structure was: it was part of a church, the part which stands behind the altar. The word "sacristan" came to my mind. I was uncertain what "sacristan" meant, but I thought this was part of the sacristan, and I now understood that this sacristan was part of a church which had been preserved and moved to this spot.

I walked back in front of the structure, where a young man was talking about the church from which the structure had originated, and he pointed down the street to where the church stood. I looked in that direction, but I couldn't see anything. Finally, however, I did see a tall old church of brown bricks. Since half the bricks were missing, the church was really nothing more that a collapsing ruin. Obviously the beautiful piece at which we were looking had been taken from the church for preservation.

Looking at the church, I suddenly remembered I had been there once before. In fact, I had visited this whole area sometime in the past and I had seen these sights. I had forgotten, and I couldn't remember exactly when I had been there.

I did, however, want to see more sights. I knew there were a great many other interesting places to see in the city, and now I was determined to see as many as I could.

When my friend and I left, we were no longer on the bicycle, but in a gray Volkswagen Rabbit which I was driving. I liked the car and I thought about how easy it was to get a Volkswagen fixed, especially in Mexico where so many Volkswagens were used. I wondered if many people, who had been accustomed to regular Volkswagens, had switched to Rabbits when Rabbits had first been introduced.

As we drove along, I suddenly saw an interesting, black sculpture down a side street. I tried to turn around, but in the process, I pulled into the wrong place and missed the street I was seeking. I decided to just go on, thinking I had already seen that sculpture once before anyway.

As we headed back in the direction of the beach and our hotel, I began thinking I would like to leave the city and spend a night somewhere else. Since we had already paid the hotel for two weeks, I wondered if the hotel would refund some of our money if we didn't stay there every night? Even if the hotel didn't refund any of our money, I wanted to get out and see more of the sights in the area.

Dream Commentary of September 24, 2015

That God delivers messages in dreams, is probably a common belief in virtually all religions. The "sacristan" in this dream could be a symbol for that belief which is a beautifully sacred part of the historical church which is retained in the new internet dream-church.

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