Dream of: 12 February 1994 "Visiting London"

I had called Haim, who was living in London, on the telephone. I told him I was going to be coming to London for a visit and would like to see him. I could hear his voice clearly, but he seemed a bit groggy. I asked him what time it was there and he said it was early in the morning. It was about 11 o'clock where I was; London was 7 hours earlier; so it must be 4 a.m. there. I realized how inconsiderate I had been to call and wake Haim without even thinking of the time difference.

Weinstein was also living in London; I might also visit him; I might stay with Weinstein for a night and with Haim for a night. But I didn't plan to impose on them; I would spend most of my time in a hotel.

I had also talked with Howard Stern and had invited him to travel to London with me. Stern said he would go, and I was looking forward to his company. Stern and Weinstein should get along well together since they both had such quick wits. I couldn't match the quickness of their thoughts; I would be more in the background when they talked; but that would be all right. I would just enjoy being around them. I hoped Stern didn't change his mind about going. I wanted to be his friend; I would enjoy having him along.

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