Dream of: 11 February 1994 (2) "Party"

My wife and I had rented an apartment and recently moved in. The apartment was in a rather old building, but we had fixed up the apartment rather well. However the apartment didn't have its own bathroom, and I had to go out into the hall to get to the community bathroom. But when I walked to the hall, I found that the bathroom was occupied. I sat down on a bench to wait until it was available.

As I sat here, a neighbor's door opened and a completely nude young woman stepped into the hall. She had light brown hair, was thin and quite attractive. She was probably in her early 20s. I stared at her, trying to see as much as I could. She appeared to have planned to rush to the bathroom without being seen, thinking nobody would be in the hall. When she realized I was sitting here looking at her, she stepped back into her apartment and shut the door.

She soon came back out wearing clothes. She sat down on the bench and we exchanged a few words. When the person in the bathroom finally came out, the woman asked if she could go in before me, even though I had been here first. Although I didn't really want to let her go first, I told her she could and she walked in.

While I sat on the bench, several other people, including Louise, showed up. I realized Louise was also living in the apartment building. She seemed friendly and we talked a bit. She had quit working as a lawyer and said she had managed to save $400,000. I told her I had saved $300,000 myself. I was surprised that I had nearly as much as she, since she had worked so much longer than I. I told her I was continually trying to calculate just how long I could live on my money without having to return to work. I had concluded that I would be able to survive a long time.

Gradually we all gravitated into my apartment, where I decided to have a party. The apartment looked quite nice inside; Louise seemed impressed by it. Five or six of us sat down in the living room, and the different people started looking at different things. One woman pulled out a box of old Christmas cards and began going through them. I saw that she was creating a mess, but I didn't stop her.

I walked into the bedroom with the woman who had been naked in the hall. I could tell that she was attracted to me, and without further ado, I put my arms around her and pulled her onto the bed. She willingly let me begin taking off her clothes. I thought everyone in the apartment would probably end up doing the same thing.

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