Dream of: 11 February 1994 "Alarming Pictures"

I was having sex with several different young women. I would have sex a while with one, then go to the next one. One beautiful well-developed blonde (about 16 years old) had just walked back into the room when I told her to bend down on her knees and pull off her jeans. When she did so, I saw that she had apparently just returned from a bath, because she still had soap suds all over her butt. I put my right hand over her rectum and slid my fingers into the crack; but it felt a bit gritty, so I pulled it away. Besides, she said something indicating she didn't like that and that it would be a despicable act if I was thinking of sticking my penis in there.

Instead I felt around until I found her vagina and inserted my penis in it.


I was looking at a notebook which I was making. The notebook contained pictures of scenes with the women with whom I was having sex. The notebook was only about four pages long, but I was intending to add to it. As I looked at it, I told one woman to stick my penis in her mouth, which she did. As I continued looking at different pictures, it seemed as if I were actually engaging in the sexual acts portrayed. I was enjoying myself immensely until I came to a picture showing a baby with a penis in its mouth. I had never seen such a picture it startled me. It seemed it might even be a crime to take such a picture. I became more alarmed by the following picture which showed a woman with both a penis and a snake in her vagina. As I watched the snake slither out of the vagina, I cringed thinking it might have been in the very vagina in which I now had my penis. Nevertheless the woman with whom I was presently having sex was so beautiful, I didn't stop.

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