Dream of: 08 February 1994 "To Serve And Protect"

I was in an apartment where I was living. I was expecting the apartment to be searched by some government agents. I received a call from one of the agents, who said he would call me back at 10 a.m. the next morning before the search began.

The next morning when I awoke it was already after 10 o'clock. I heard someone in the next room and walked in there. Two men were in the room. One had turned on my computer and was sitting in front of it. The other man, a burly man with dark hair, was just standing there. He was the one who had been supposed to call me. I became angry because he hadn't called; I told him he was supposed to call me first, but he didn't pay much attention to me.

The man at the computer went through my computer files. One file even seemed like an animated cartoon. The man seemed to be systematically going through every file on the computer.

When he came to one file, I recalled that other people and I had been involved in putting out a newspaper. I had done some writing for the newspaper. I blurted out that nothing in the newspaper had dealt with "overthrowing the United States government." I knew that would be a crime. When we had published the newspaper we had been careful not to put anything like that in it.

The man wanted to know what the newspaper had been about. I told him we had been against the war in Iraq. I knew that when the United States had been in the war against Iraq, we had said many things against the war; but we hadn't said anything illegal. I recalled that Wheat had helped on the newspaper. Maybe I should call him and tell him these people were here going through my files; he might be able to do something. I doubted, however, that anyone could help at this point. Nevertheless, maybe I should call him.

Finally a fellow (in his mid 20s) walked in and said he was going to have to search me. He said I would have to go into the bathroom and take off all my clothes. Although I didn't like the idea, I walked over to the bathroom and began taking off my clothes. Just as I had finished disrobing, a beautiful blonde woman came to the door and asked me if I knew where her bag was. I had earlier seen a small duffel bag on the floor of one of the rooms; the bag must have been hers.

The woman was looking right in the direction of my penis. At first I was embarrassed to be standing naked in front of her. But then I decided not to let it bother me. I told her I didn't know where the bag was. I told her that although I owned the apartment, I only stayed here about 10 percent of the time. Finally she gave up and walked away.

Meanwhile the man who was going to search me put a glove on his hand. He was planning to stick his finger in my rectum to see if I had hidden anything there. I asked him how far he was going to stick his finger, but he wouldn't answer me. I didn't want him to do it, but I didn't think I had any choice.

By now about 10 agents were in the apartment. They all crowded at once into the bathroom (a small room with barely enough room for the one bathroom fixture in it). I became upset. I told them I didn't think it was right for all of them to be in here while this fellow stuck his finger in my butt. They all seemed to think it was amusing. I retorted that they were here to "serve and protect"; I hoped I could appeal to them to fulfill their duties and not stay in here to watch. But they didn't seem moved by anything I said.

As I talked, one fellow leaned over and whispered in my ear. He said that two Sundays ago I had made a conference phone call on which four different companies had taken part. They were presently checking the records of that call, and they wanted to know from me what the nature of the call had been.

These people were doing an extremely thorough investigation. I didn't see any real hope for me. I thought I was going to go to jail. If they didn't find something to incriminate me, they would probably just invent something.

Suddenly I realized we were actually in a small room on an airplane and that the airplane had taken off. The plane began tumbling over, finally turning on its side and heading straight down. I said, "This doesn't look good."

Obviously we were going to go straight down and crash. None of the others said anything, but I could tell they were all frightened. We would probably all be killed. At least they would be killed, too. That didn't help much, since I would also be killed.

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