Dream of: 07 February 1994 (2) "New Fence"

I woke up one morning and walked into the back yard of the Summerdale Drive House. The wooden fence which separated my back yard from the neighbors to the west had been torn down. A packet of new wood was lying in my neighbor's yard. Apparently the neighbor intended to repair the fence.  Quite a few other things also cluttered the neighbor's yard -- a bicycle and a tricycle were even pushed over into my yard. That didn't bother me; I was just glad the neighbors were going to repair the fence.

Carolina walked outside; she was also happy the neighbors were going to repair the fence. I saw a man whom I at first thought was my neighbor; then I realized he was just a man who was going to be working on the fence. When the neighbor finally did come out, it didn't look as if he were doing anything; the other man appeared to be doing most of the work.

Also in my neighbor's yard was a large pile of a white foamy substance about two meters in diameter and about a half meter high. The workman began poking in the foam. He was somehow going to use it to help put up the fence.

Carolina, wearing a little hat, gradually moved over toward the worker. She was going to be industrious and help him with the project. I thought that was good, but I didn't feel like helping. I would just go back into the house and wait until it was all over.

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