Dream of: 06 February 1994 "Ceramic Planters"

While Wheat and I were sitting together in his office, I noticed some items which he had bought had been brought in. Among them were some large planters, big enough to hold small trees. There were three planters in descending sizes, with the second largest inside the largest and the smallest inside the second largest. The largest planter had a diameter of about a meter across the top. They were all held together by some pieces of wood for protection.

I walked over and began touching them. At first I thought they might be plastic, but then realized they were ceramic. One even appeared to have some pretty blue tiles in it.

I thought Wheat's wife Melanie had probably bought them; but when I asked Wheat about them, he said he had bought them himself. I asked how much he had paid for them, and he said around $1,800. He said they were supposed to cost around $21, but he had gotten them cheaper because he had made some threats to the store selling them. Apparently he had seen an offer about the deal in the store being the best, and he had told them $18 was the best deal. The store had acquiesced.

I thought about asking where he had bought them, but I didn't. I figured I could find similar planters anywhere if I really wanted them.

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