Dream of: 02 February 1994 "Law School In Germany"

I was riding around on a tricycle, first in the area of Shawnee State College, then near the Gay Street House. As I rode around, I began thinking I needed to be doing something with my time. It occurred to me that I should apply to go to law school in Germany. I had originally thought I wanted to write, but for some reason, I hadn't been writing lately. I might not be writing because I needed an extra push that I felt when I was working hard, such as when I had been in law school. Therefore, I concluded I needed to go to law school in Germany. I thought I would most like to go to Munich, but I might even want to go to Augsburg.

It was July, probably too late to apply to go in the fall; but perhaps I should apply anyway. When I finally graduated from law school in Germany, I could point back to the fact that I had successfully practiced law in that United States, and that I had made $250,000 while I had practiced. Therefore I should also be able to practice law in Germany as well.

It was going to be difficult, but it seemed like the right thing to do and I thought I needed to get started on it.

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