Dream of: 31 January 1994 "Overcoming Fears"

I was standing near a piece of land which I had recently acquired; I was talking with a man about the land. He pointed out the land and stated that it was a square acre of land. About half the land was in a large field planted in corn about a foot tall. The other half had a fence around in it. I began walking around the land, thinking I might need to buy a post hole digger and fence off the entire acre, even the part in the corn field.

I had been acquiring quite a bit of land. I had the land on the Gallia County Farm and the Summerdale Drive House. Now I had this land.

I probably shouldn't put this land in my name. If I were sued, I didn't want anyone to know that I had the land. I might put the land in Carolina's name. Or my father's. Or my mother's. I was unsure whose name I would put it in, but I didn't think I would put it in my name.

As I continued walking around the land I saw a strip of the land right down the middle was fenced off. Wild trees were growing in the strip. I walked over to it to take a closer look.

As I looked it over, I found that I was standing in a large office in an office building. As I walked around examining the office, there was now a bunch of cluttered-up office furniture where the trees had been. I recalled that I had rented the office for about $500 a month. I was thinking about setting up an office here.

As I walked along, I realized I wasn't walking on a floor, but on beams with pieces of fiberglass laid across them. That was all that kept me from falling to the office floor far below. If I fell, I would probably die; but I didn't worry about it. I continued looking around, until I was walking on a regular floor.

Some people came in to visit me. They were here to welcome me back. I knew them all except for two men who walked over to the window and opened it. I didn't want them to open the window because I thought we were on about the fiftieth floor. One man (about 30 years old) had black hair. He pulled the window down so it was open from his waist up. He leaned out over the open window. I told him to stop or I was going to call security. I thought about how frightening it must be to look out the window from that high up. At the same time I recalled that I had recently been working on overcoming my fears. I had concluded that I didn't have anything to be afraid of. For example, I should be able to look out the window and not be afraid.

However, I didn't want the man to continue to lean out the window. As soon as I picked up the phone to call security, he turned around and walked out of the room.

I walked over and sat down on a couch. Other people came in, including some women who I knew liked me. One attractive blonde with a short dress sat down next to me on my left. I immediately noticed her beautiful, full legs. She leaned toward me, almost touching my lips with hers. Obviously she wanted to kiss me; but I didn't want to kiss her in front of the other women; they might get jealous. Instead I began bantering with her, saying, "What meanness have you been into in the last year?"

I had been away for a year. I was now returning to reestablish myself. She didn't respond.

I noticed that an old law school classmate, Moon, had walked in and was standing in front of me. I said, "How do you like my new office?"

He responded that he didn't like it much, because it was a firetrap. I knew the office was in an old building. I knew fires were dangerous in old buildings like this. I answered, "Yea, but its cheap."

Five hundred dollars a month was indeed cheap for such a large room; I saw many possibilities with such a large room.

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