Dream of: 28 January 1994 "Sinking Boat"

I was on a small cabin cruiser with my father and a couple other men. We were probably on the Ohio River near Portsmouth. The cruiser had pulled in close to shore, and when I looked out, I saw a small building right next to the cruiser. It had several nice-looking pieces of antique furniture in it. I reached in and pulled out some kind of tall wooden stand, and then a small chair. I handed them to someone on the boat who began admiring them. I thought about taking more, but then began to think the building was actually a store along the river and that the furniture belonged to someone. The thought was reinforced as the boat began moving away. I could see what appeared to be several stores all along the river. I realized I shouldn't have taken the furniture and I hoped I wouldn't be caught.

I looked at the small chair, which now looked like a double child's chair, with places for two children to sit.

A small child was also on the boat. I realized the child was a small girl who was right in front of me. I spoke to her and one of the men said she was only 3 months old. However she was quite precocious. She could talk and could tell the ages of everyone.

As I was standing alone in the back of the boat, I saw that it was beginning to go under the water. I pointed it out to the others, and I even began bailing some of the water out with a bucket.

As I was bent over, I saw a ledge under the water and close to the surface. On top of the ledge were about 20 credit cards. They were from all the different men on the boat. Apparently they had fallen out when the back of the boat was under water. I began trying to retrieve them. I saw two different Discover cards. I was able to retrieve the one belonging to my father, but the other one belonging to another man slipped off the ledge and on down into the water. I grabbed up as many of the other cards as I could.

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