Dream of: 26 January 1994 "Bucket Brigade"

While I was on the Gallia County Farm, I noticed that across the field I could see the Hubbard's house and barn on fire. The fire appeared to be already out of control, although I could see some people trying to put it out. I called to my father to take me over there so I could help. He said he would, but first he had to go into the bathroom and defecate. I waited a minute, then grew more and more concerned, and told someone I was going to walk across the field.

I set out, quickly reaching the burning house. People had formed a bucket brigade to try to put out the fire. I picked up a bucket and poured some water on part of the fire. It seemed to help, but I was obviously going to need a lot more, and it appeared they were running out.

I walked into the house, where I encountered the woman who lived there. She was probably in her early 30s and had blonde hair. She showed me through the structure, which was only burning on one side. It looked as if they had already carried out most of the furniture, although I saw a couple large armoires with a lot of glass ware on them. About half of the house was on fire. If we acted quickly, we might be able to save the other half; but I was the only one who seemed particularly concerned.


The following day I was on the Farm again, looking toward the Hubbard's place. The house and barn were gone and a large bulldozer was leveling the area. It might be interesting to go there and look through the rubble.

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