Dream of: 20 January 1994 "Baby Dinosaur"

My wife Carolina and I were in an office, when I suddenly realized we needed to go somewhere. Since I needed to be dressed up, we boarded an elevator and rode down to a shop on the next floor. I only wanted a few things, mainly a tie. We walked into the shop and encountered a thin, oriental woman (about 40 years old), just a little shorter than I. She was polite and when I asked her where the ties were, she took me to the back, pulled out a drawer, and began showing me some ties in the drawer. I first saw some clip-on ties, but I wasn't interested in them; I only looked at the regular ties. I pulled out a blue tie with a red stripe containing a floral design down the middle. It also contained some brown color which matched a shirt I was wearing. I was also wearing a blue jacket and the tie seemed to fit perfectly with my ensemble. I showed Carolina, but I couldn't tell whether she liked it.

I asked the woman if she had any bow ties. She pointed to another drawer and I pulled it open. I didn't know how to tie a bow tie; if I wore one, it would have to be a clip-on type. I didn't like clip-ons and I thought I needed to learn how to tie a bow tie. I tried to imagine how it was done. I thought the bow was already done, and the tie was actually made on the side of the neck. Since I had never worn one, I was unsure.

I looked down; I was only wearing tennis shoes. I saw a pair of black shoes in the store. I was unsure whether they were mine. I asked Carolina about shoes. Apparently I didn't have any and needed to buy some.

The woman quickly said she would find some shoes for me. I thought she was going to go to another store to get them. At the same time she began getting some other clothes for both Carolina and me. By the time she had finished, when Carolina and I walked out of the store, we were both dressed in all new clothes. The clothes felt good, and Carolina looked handsome in her new clothes. I thought our clothes had probably cost around $200 each. It might have been a maximum of $600. That was a lot of money, but once in a while we needed some new clothes. It had all turned out well.

Once we were in the street, I realized we were in Portsmouth, Ohio. We were headed to a wedding for Wheat and Melanie. Since I knew they were already married, I thought they were having a second wedding.


We were in a car which Carolina was driving. I was seated in the front seat. I asked Carolina where we were going, but she refused to tell me. She was driving along Front Street near the Shawnee State University. Finally she turned north and drove until I saw a large church. She started to pull in; I was becoming rather angry because she wouldn't tell me where we were going; I told her to keep going. If she would just tell me where she was going I could help her get there. Finally she saw a parking place, pulled in and parked.


Carolina and I walked into a house where I had thought the church was. Wheat and Melanie were living in the house, which seemed to be in the middle of a large parking lot. It was an impressive new house. The bottom part was elevated on stilts so the house didn't actually start until the second floor, which had large windows all around it. I liked it very much.

We walked into the front part, then into the living room where Wheat was sitting on an attractive blue couch. The room felt comfortable. I looked around, thinking Wheat was finally beginning to prosper some; he seemed to be enjoying his prosperity.

After I had sat down, he and I began talking. I was thinking about how he practiced law. He tended to let his employees do most of the work for him; he would then go to court when it was necessary. His method seemed to be working out well for him. If I had continued practicing law, I could have had a nice house like this.

Carolina and I actually had several houses around the town. One of our houses wasn't far from this house; we could probably see this house from our house. I tended to move around from house to house, but I might start staying more at the house which was close to Wheat's.

Wheat began talking about a recent bankruptcy case where he had had to go to court in front of judge McGuire. In the case, the mortgagee of Wheat's client had filed a motion to determine the value of his client's house. I couldn't understand what difference it made what the value was, and I asked Wheat about it. Apparently the amount of interest which his client would have to pay to the mortgagee would be based on the value of the house. Wheat said that when he had gone to court, the other side hadn't been fully prepared. I couldn't tell what the outcome of the case had been, but it sounded as if Wheat had done what he had needed to do.

Melanie had been out and returned home. She carried a flat box into the kitchen, which was next to the living room. I walked into the kitchen and saw something strange in the box. It looked like a small baby dinosaur made of gray clay – only it was alive. It was about 30 centimeters long and had a long neck. It looked more like a toy than real; but it was real.

I asked Melanie if I could pick it up. I did so. It seemed a bit heavy. I fell in love with it. It seemed so beautiful. I loved holding it. It didn't seem real, but it was real because it was alive. It moved slowly. I held its face to mine and in baby talk I said, "You're beautiful."

Its skin felt like clay; I loved the feel of it. I sat down on the floor with it, petting it and holding it close to my chest and face. I asked Melanie if it was all right to put it on the floor. She said I could, and I did.

It began moving away. It ran under an appliance and I pulled it back out.

What would happen if I pulled it apart like clay? I picked it up and began pulling it apart. It would immediately reform itself back into the animal. I just loved holding it.

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