Dream of: 19 January 1994 "Canceling My Reservation"

Carolina and I were living in the House in Patriot. I was planning to leave the next day to go to Europe, where I was going to stay for six months. I already had my plane ticket and I was ready to go. Carolina, who had long known about the trip, unexpectedly told me that if I left, she was going to break up with me.

At first I became angry. It was hard to believe she was doing this. Finally I told her I wasn't going to go. I called the airline and told them to cancel my reservation. I hoped I would be able to get my money back.

The next day I saw Yonis in the house. I was thinking I might have some kind of affair with her.

I saw Carolina and asked her if she had canceled my airline ticket. Then I remembered I had done it myself.

I was thinking I didn't want to see anybody. I had told everyone I was going to Europe, and now I wasn't going to go. I thought how I had told my old friend Roger Anderson about it. I was depressed.

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