Dream of: 16 January 1994 "Spraying Wasps"

Carolina and I were on roller blades, which seemed more like ice skates, skating on the streets in Portsmouth in the area west of the U.S. Grant Bridge. The levy was between us and the Ohio River. Quite a few people were in a hurry to climb up the levy so they could see something happening on the other side. We decided to also climb the levy.

Carolina was ahead of me and she reached the top of the levy first. By the time I was on top, she was already skating toward the river, not far from the levy. I could see two sail boats which appeared to be racing on the river. I also thought I saw either another boat or someone on skis in the river, but I couldn't be sure.

When I looked back at Carolina, she was skating right toward the river. It looked as if she had lost control and was going to skate into the river. It also looked as if the water were freezing. I was going to have to run after her and try to save her; but at the last instant, just before she reached the water, she turned her skates to her right and gracefully avoided the water.


Carolina and I were in an office I had in Portsmouth. The office was near the river on the east side of the U.S. Grant Bridge. We hadn't been here long when Wheat and Melanie and Wheat's daughter Ruth walked in. They shared the office with me, each of us having our own separate room. They had also been to the river where they had gone swimming. I asked Wheat how he had liked it, and he indicated it was terrible. I asked where he had been and he indicated he had been at a spot just east of the bridge. I told him that was a terrible spot, that he shouldn't have gone there. It was even dangerous there with so much junk in the water. I told him he should have gone west of the bridge near where the boat races were held and where there was a sandy spot for swimming. Wheat, however, didn't seem interested.

When he walked into his office and raised the blinds, he discovered several wasps on the window behind the blinds. He had some insect spray, but he wouldn't spray the wasps while they were on the window. He waited until they were stirred up and then he began trying to spray them. I walked away for a few minutes and when I came back, Melanie was trying to prop Wheat up. He had been stung several times by the wasps and apparently was having an allergic reaction. Melanie was trying to set Wheat in his chair. He looked frail and thin, and seemed almost unconscious. He looked stiff.

I grabbed him and helped lead him out to the next room where we laid him down on the couch. I thought he would be all right if he could just lie there a while.

When I walked back to my office, I discovered a bunch of wasps were there also. As I walked into the office, immediately on my right was a large coca cola machine. Behind the machine at the top, just over my head, was some heavy wire in a circle about a 30 centimeters in diameter and about 10 centimeters deep. The entire circle was filled with wasps. They were packed in so densely, I couldn't tell if they were wasps. They looked more like bees.

I picked up the insect spray. I wasn't going to stir them up first like Wheat did. I just began spraying all over the bundle of insects. Soon they began falling to the ground. Some did fly around and one landed on my left hand between my little finger and my ring finger. I had trouble knocking it off, but it didn't sting me.

I pointed out to Melanie the insects on the floor and she approved of what I was doing it. Even though the insects were falling on the floor, they weren't dead. They were still writhing. They looked like ants about a centimeter long. Masses of them began moving across the floor. I sprayed on the blue carpet near the door to try to stop them, but they continued coming. I just kept moving out of their way, knowing they would soon die.

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