Dream of: 15 January 1994 (2) "Ways Of Thinking"

The phrase "the way you think" came to my mind. It occurred to me that everyone had a different way of thinking. I had never considered it before, but it seemed as if there were two reasons for this.

First, it seemed that people's beliefs influenced their thoughts and even controlled what a person could think. A person's thoughts were to a large extent determined by the person's beliefs and the strength of those beliefs.

Second, it seemed that there actually were different "ways" of thinking. I didn't know what the different ways were, but I thought there must be different ways of putting ideas together. The mechanics of forming ideas seemed interesting to me. I would like to experiment with the way I thought to see if I could change it.

I decided I would make some collages, perhaps about a dozen different ones, to illustrate different ways of thinking. I envisioned the collages to each be about 20 by 40 centimeters. The subject of one collage came to mind. In it was a picture of a woman carrying a parasol. It was taken from a painting by a French artist who painted by using tiny dots of paint until an image was created.

I found out that a woman who was my mother had heard that I was considering changing my "way of thinking." She was upset because it had taken so much time and work to "instill" in me the way I presently thought.

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