Dream of: 15 January 1994 "One Little Slip"

I was watching a movie about a man who had committed a murder; he was planning how he would avoid being convicted for the murder. The man looked like Robert DeNiro. However, I often felt as if I were the man who had committed the murder, and I was actually in some of the scenes.

A woman who seemed like Carolina had been with the man when he had disposed of the body. While the man was inside a building which looked like an automotive garage, the woman was sitting out front. She was wearing a dress, but didn't have on any panties under the dress. Some men were standing in front of the garage, and the woman sat down in such a way so her skirt was pulled up and her legs spread open. All the men stood gawking. When the man who had committed the murder walked out of the garage, he was upset because he knew the men would remember the woman.

As the man and woman were leaving, she dropped what appeared to be a blue purse, but no one noticed it.


I was thinking about how the body could be disposed of. The best method would be to take the body to a steel mill and drop it into the molten steel. I even imagined having the body in a white plastic box, similar to the kind of box in which pets are put when they are transported on airplanes. I developed a rather elaborate plot in which the police knew a body was in the box, and that the box was in the trunk of a car. An odor was already being emitted from the box. The police would be waiting to nab the killer with the box. However, the killer would outwit the police by driving the car into the factory and burning all evidence in the molten steel. The killer would even tear out the carpet in the trunk and burn it. The killer would then substitute the box containing the dead body with a box containing the dead body of an animal. The killer would be able to explain that the odor coming from the box had always been from the dead animal, and no human had been involved.


I had gone into the restroom in a building. I was the killer and I was trying to determine how to outwit the police. I had a key in my pocket that I needed to hide in the restroom, and retrieve later. It was essential that no one find the key. As I stood in front of the urinal and urinated, I looked around the tiny restroom for a place to hide the key. I saw a door and opened it. The door was to a small closet where the janitor stored a few of his personal things. I saw a hole in the wall and stuck my fingers in it. I was surprised to find that the janitor had already put some keys in the hole. I was also surprised to see a $10 bill in the hole. Leaving money here wasn't smart, since anyone could come in and steal the money.

Several shelves were in the closet. I ran my hand along along the boards on which the shelves rested. I found a space where I thought I could leave the key for a short while without anyone finding it.


A scene on the movie was showing a number of men in scuba suits climbing out of water onto a dock. I had the feeling it was in New York City. I gradually began to realize that the murder had taken place under water. DeNiro had encountered a man underwater while DeNiro had been scuba diving, and DeNiro had killed the man. DeNiro then had to dispose of the body.


I kept thinking that if a murder like that was committed, and a man and woman were involved, the most important thing would be to not answer any questions about it. Even if the police were sure who had done the murder, if they didn't have any evidence, and especially if they didn't have the body, there could be no conviction. It looked like the murderer could get away with it if he simply refused to answer questions.


A scene of the movie showed the view from a helicopter. On the roof of a building, the focus gradually narrowed in on an object lying on the roof. Slowly I began to see that the object was the blue purse. Sticking out of the blue purse was an airline schedule with a pencil mark next to one of the entries. I could see now that the murderer's plan was going to unravel. The authorities had found the purse; the purse would lead the authorities to the woman, the authorities would be able to connect the woman to the airline schedule, and the purse would give the authorities the proof they needed to convict the man. One little slip would undo the entire plan of the murderer.

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