Dream of: 31 December 1993 "Destruction Of Species"

I was talking with Wheat, who was sitting at his desk in his office, working on some papers. He told me he was behind in his work. He said he was a pro consul for the British government and he had a report he needed to do. I questioned him about it; I learned that his position as pro consul was in the forest management area, to determine if the forests were being depleted. He was supposed to make reports on the forests in the United States and send the reports to Britain. The work sounded interesting. I told him the destruction of the forests was the second most important problem facing mankind. I said the first problem was the destruction of plant and animal species.

He said he needed to board a plane and fly over some forests to make his report. I told him the best way would be to get right down in the forests themselves and walk around them.


I was sitting at the table of the kitchen of the Gallia County Farmhouse. A woman who seemed like my step-aunt Molly (the wife of my step-uncle Ivan) and also a bit like Melanie, was there. She and her husband were living in the Farmhouse, even though they didn't own it.

I stood and walked to the front door and looked outside. Along the road on the other side of the creek were parked several campers and cars. The presence of so many people there irritated me. I walked back into the kitchen and asked the woman if she knew why so many cars were there. She said some of the people were there to help her plant corn. I walked back to the front door, still irritated, and began counting the cars and campers. I hollered back that there were almost thirty.

I began looking down into the creek and was surprised to see 15-20 large turtles swimming under the water. A bunch of large dark fish were also close to the shore. I hollered to my mother (also in the kitchen) and told her to come and see all the fish; but she didn't seem interested.

I walked out onto the front porch and continued to look at the creek. I walked down the front steps to get a better view. The fish along the bank seemed to be increasing in numbers and were becoming more frenetic. I might go down there with a fishing pole to catch one, just to see what kind of fish they were.

A man was walking toward me. Now the creek was right next to where I was, and the fish all pressed together, sticking their heads out of the water. They were black and gray and their heads were round, like some other kind of animal instead of a fish.

The man walked right up to the fish and said what kind of fish he thought they were. He then began reaching into the fish and dipping some of them out. At first I didn't say anything, but then I said, "Who are you?"

I didn't want anyone to be here unless they had permission. He mumbled an answer, then stood and walked off. It looked as if he had a large, fried fish slung over his shoulder. I concluded that he didn't have any permission to be here and I was glad he was leaving.

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