Dream of: 28 December 1993 "More Real Than A Dream"

the meaning of life

may be found in dreams said the

wise man to the fool

I was driving through a town in Ohio which vaguely seemed both like New Boston and Columbus. As I watched something in the sky ahead of me, I slowly became aware that I was looking at a funnel cloud, and I immediately became alarmed. I was particularly surprised by the cloud because I had recently had several dreams about funnel clouds. This particular funnel cloud, however, was much more vivid and real than anything I had seen in my dreams. The cloud was long and slender and seemed about three kilometers away.

Contemplating the best way to escape, I decided to try to outrun the cloud, turned the car away and drove as fast as I could. When I finally looked back at the cloud, it had changed direction and was moving away from me. After I stopped the car, climbed out and looked toward the funnel cloud, I could see traces in the sky of several other funnel clouds which had apparently been there in the sky earlier.

Only gradually did I become aware that my surroundings were in complete disarray. Obviously a tornado had already hit the area where I was. Cars were strewn about and some were crushed under fallen overpasses. The area reminded me of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake.

I was especially aware of the stillness of the scene. I concluded that the tornado must have just hit the area a few minutes ago, and that the shocked people were still not moving. I quickly decided I must try to help anybody injured or trapped. As I walked toward the cars, I realized that I was under an overpass and that I needed to be careful, because something might fall on me, but I also needed to try to help.

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