Dream of: 26 December 1993 "Mexican Border Town"

Walls, Carolina and I were visiting a Mexican town on the border of southwest Texas. We were in a long, yellow, school bus which Walls was driving. After passing through the downtown area, I began thinking I might like to move to the town and open up a law office here. I envisioned a one-room office with red brick walls. I might even have a living quarters behind the office. I would just hang out a shingle and wait for business. It would be slow at first, but I would gradually develop clientele. I might even develop some business clients if I stayed for a while.

I was having a lot of internal conflict, because I was uncertain I wanted to continue to practice law. It seemed as if I wanted to do something else with my life, but I couldn't exactly place what it was. It seemed as if I were reaching a crossroads, and I needed to make a decision which direction to go.

I told Carolina what I was thinking, and she immediately said she didn't want to move there. I became irritated and I told her she didn't want to move anywhere I wanted to. She said she wanted to move to Paris, France. I thought I would also like to move to Paris, but I didn't think I would be able to make a living in Paris. I thought I might be able to rent an office in Mexico for as little as $100. I told her it cost 10 times as much to live in Paris as in this Mexican town.

I told her if I were living in the Mexican town, the people would mostly want to know two things. They would have questions about immigration, and how to import products into the United States. Of course they would have other problems, such as taxes, which I would learn to deal with. I thought if I could start out learning the answers to those questions in Mexico, I might someday be able to go to Paris. The same skills would transfer over.

I might even go across the river and work some for lawyers in the larger Texan town on the other side. I didn't think I would have much trouble going regularly through customs.

But the whole plan made me uneasy. I didn't know whether I actually wanted to commit myself to such an undertaking. It seemed there was something else I had been wanting to do.

Walls had continued to drive until we were now out in the country. I told him to head back for the town. We were in a spot so narrow the bus barely fit through. On both sides of us was red clay. We came to a bend in the road where there was some opaque glass in the wall of the road on the right. I told Walls to be careful not to hit it as he negotiated the bend.

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