Dream of: 22 December 1993 (2) "Odd Juxtaposition"

Five or six other people and I were sitting along the side of a road, having a class on writing. We hadn't been here long when a youngster on my right (about 10-11 years old) read a poem he had written. The first words of the poem were "Weeping willow." The poem had four or five stanzas of four or five lines each. After the youngster had finished reading, the person conducting the class asked if we wanted to conclude our session, or if we wanted to discuss the poem. I quickly indicated that I wanted to continue. The others seemed to groan. They were ready to go, even though we had only been here a short time. I however very much wanted to delve into the poem.

I first pointed out that in the very first line, both the second and third persons were used. The speaker seemed to be talking directly to the willow, but then changed to speak in the third person about the willow. I said it was an "odd juxtaposition." Someone repeated the word "juxtaposition," which I knew was an uncommon word. I had used the word because I thought it accurately described exactly what I was trying to say.

In front of me lay a written copy of the poem. But I realized it wasn't the same as the poem the youngster had read. Obviously the youngster had rewritten the poem. I pushed the paper away from me. I wanted the youngster to read the poem again to me. I was even thinking of memorizing it. I knew I had memorized poems before, and that I had a certain talent for doing so.

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