Dream of: 22 December 1993 "Shabby Apartment"

I was in a second story apartment where I was living with my mother and some siblings. We hadn't lived there long, and I was rather dissatisfied with the apartment which seemed rather run-down; it was definitely not the kind of place to which I was accustomed. I couldn't understand why my mother had rented it.

I was especially chagrined to learn that several people were going to meet me at the apartment; my mother apparently had told them they could come there. I was planning to go camping with the people, but I hadn't planned for them to meet me at the apartment.

The apartment had two doors, one in back, one in front. Stairs led up from the ground to each door. We heard a knock at the back door and someone told me that a fellow named Sam was out there. I wasn't ready to see anyone yet, and I waited until he walked back down the stairs. He was one of the people with whom I was going camping. But it wasn't time for anyone to be there, so I thought he would just wait. I certainly didn't want to invite him in.

I went to the front door and walked out onto the small wooden platform in front. I immediately noticed that the platform and the stairs leading down from it were rather flimsy. Suddenly the whole platform and stairs fell out from under me, and I was left precariously hanging onto the side of the door. Someone from inside came to help me back in. As I struggled back in, I thought someone would have to fix the stairs immediately.

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