Dream of: 19 December 1993 "Don't Chase The Horses!"

Other people and I were in a wilderness area. One of my companions suddenly said something about some deer. I looked around and saw some cows, but didn't see any deer. Then I thought I saw a couple deer among the cows.

Suddenly about a dozen wild horses came running in our direction, and ran right past us. They were magnificent. They were dull white and light gray. I was mesmerized by their beauty, especially their wildness. I realized the horses meant something special to me, and I had been aware before of their special meaning, but I couldn't exactly place what it was.

The horses were followed by two men on horseback chasing them. I suddenly realized the men were trying to capture the horses. I shouted out, "Don't chase the horses! Don't chase the horses!"

I was angry that the men were trying to catch the horses. But I felt reluctant to get involved in trying to stop them.

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