Dream of: 17 December 1993 (2) "Rising Stock"

My father and I were sitting in front of a computer in the Gay Street House, watching the prices of stocks as they appeared on the screen. I was interested in Connor Peripherals, and when the stock dipped to 13, I told my father to put in an order for 1,000 shares for me. He did so and I bought it. Almost immediately the stock began rising in price. Both my father and I were surprised to see the price steadily go up and up. I told my father it appeared a takeover was going on. I mentioned that everyone who had had orders to sell the stock was having their stock gobbled up.

Fascinated by the rise in price, I decided I would keep the stock until the price started going back down and then I would sell. I wished I had bought 2,000 shares, and I was sure my father wished he had bought some.

Finally it looked as if the stock were going to go into the sixties. I calculated I would be making $50,000.

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