Dream of: 17 December 1993 "Fish In The Closet"

I was sitting on the bank of a small pond where several people were fishing. Next to me on my left was a boy (probably 7-8 years old) who had just caught a good-sized catfish. A woman with the boy took the catfish off the hook and threw the line back into the water about a half meter from shore, and someone commented that the line needed to be farther out. The woman handed the fishing rod back to the boy and said the line was far enough from shore.

I also thought the line should be farther out, and so I was surprised when suddenly I saw the line being jerked by a biting fish. The boy was completely unprepared for the fish. In a flash, the fish took off, pulling the rod and reel out of the boys hand into the water. I watched for an instant, then with little hesitation, I dived into the water and began swimming after the rod and reel.

The fish pulled the rod and reel all the way to the other side of the pond, which wasn't far. When the fish entered a small rectangular area, I got out of the water to examine the area from the bank.

I discovered the fish was in the top part of a closet in the bathroom of the House in Patriot. The bathroom is designed with the bathtub between closets at both ends. The closets face out toward the front side of the bathtub. The closets have shelves at the top. The top shelf of the closet at the head of the bathtub was now full of water, and the fish was in the water. I reached back to try to find it. I felt my hand touch the fish, but it moved so fast I couldn't catch it.

The woman who had been with the boy showed up in the bathroom. I explained to her the fish wasn't a catfish, but either a large bluegill or a bass. However, it was so far back in the shelf in the closet, I didn't know how to get it. I looked back into the area again. I could see the eye of a fish, and thought I saw two or three other small fish which must be living there.

I also became aware of how wet I was. I was wearing a light-colored suit, and I was afraid that since it was wet, my penis would be visible. I tried to pull the jacket in front of me so no one could see my penis. I was also wearing a hat which had stayed on me throughout the swim through the water. I realized it was a bit strange for me to have dived into the water with my suit on like that and go swimming after a fish. But there was nothing I could do about it now. I just wanted to figure out a way of getting the fish out of the closet.

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