Dream of: 15 December 1993 "Symbol"

I was in a large room at Portsmouth High School where I had returned for a class reunion. People were sitting in folding chairs, and someone was in front giving a speech. I looked anxiously around the room, trying to see someone I knew, but I recognized no one. The speech would soon end and everyone would go their way. Some of the richer people would probably have parties, but I had not been invited to any.

The speech ended and just as I had anticipated, people began leaving. I wanted to talk to someone. I stood by the door and watched people file out. Finally I saw a blond-haired fellow whom I recognized, and I spoke to him. His name was also Steve. As we stood near the door, I continued looking around the room. Randy Ramey was not here. Nor Roger Anderson. Nor Ronnie Stevens. Austin Stout had not come. Finally I saw Mike Batterson and Phil Waddell. They walked over to where I was and I spoke to both, happy to see them.

But everyone quickly left me, and I was left scanning the faces again; I recognized almost no one. I thought each person should have stood up and said who he was.

I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. I had fairly long curly hair sticking out all over. I doubted anyone would recognize me either.

Finally I walked out into a hall. A woman walked up to me and spoke to me. Clearly she recognized me, but I didn't recognize her. I bluntly asked her name. She said it was "Symbol." That seemed like a strange name to me. I had never heard of anyone being named "Symbol." But at this point, I didn't care; I just wanted to talk with someone.

She and I began walking down some extremely steep, almost vertical steps. I told her I did not remember the steps having been like this in high school; it seemed dangerous.

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